Boost the ROI of your sponsorship program

Empower your corporate giving and sponsorship initiatives with one tool to do it all: easy to use, accessible online, GDPR compliant, and maximize your ROI.

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Your sponsorship management on autopilot

Run effective sponsorship programs that drive real ROI. Optimy streamlines your sponsorship workflows with a data-driven approach, ensuring you generate results.

Flexibility and control

Optimy lets you customize your criteria, objectives and validation workflows. Manage sponsorship exactly like you want.

Digital and secure

Your sponsorship data is centralized, securely hosted, backuped and constantly
analyzed in real-time.

Less time, more returns

With the help of Optimy smart automated tools, you save 50% of your time and can focus on your returns and strategy.


Data-driven sponsorship management software

1. Collect sponsorship requests

Streamline the collection of sponsorship requests and communication with applicants through custom forms, responders, branded portals.

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2. Use data to select sponsorship partners

Through our tools like automated scoring and collaborative reviews, you can speed up your sponsorship selection process by 3x. With better data coming through and an improved selection process, it’s not just you who’ll
benefit, it’s also your impact.

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3. Manage your sponsorship projects

Our platform gives you a central HQ to manage all your sponsorship operations, from reviewing your budget spend, to allocating tasks with your team. You have your finger on the pulse of all activities with your team.

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4. Get ROI reports that sing

We believe in the power of data and have designed a platform that empowers you to track, measure, and review progress either historically or in a live-view. We also designed our charts so they can tell the story for you, your team, and the board.

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The benefits of sponsorship marketing
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The ultimate sponsorship checklist
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